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The Objectives of the Committee are to:

  1. Show returning Veterans that they will have a voice in the political process of their county and the State of Arizona.
  2. Elect Democrats and to work to strengthen the Arizona Democratic Party.
  3. Inform ourselves and the Arizona Democratic Party onĀ  issues concerning Veterans and their families on local, state and national levels
  4. Encourage Veterans to become elected Precinct Committee persons, seek election as a State Committee person and seek higher public office
  5. Support and elect Democratic candidates.
  6. Support and promote the principles of Clean Elections.
  7. Encourage participation in all elections processes.
  8. Support the Arizona Democratic Veterans and Military Family Caucus..

The following Veterans were elected to fill the offices of Arizona Veterans Caucus.

  • Chair – TBD (20 Aug 11, Flagstaff)
  • Vice Chair – TBD (20 Aug 11, Flagstaff)
  • Secretary – TBD (20 Aug 11, Flagstaff)
  • Treasurer – Ben Love
  • Recruitment and Statistical Officer – Lyle Dillie

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